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We provide psychiatric evaluation and treatment management at this office. We create comprehensive treatment plan in coordination with your therapist and primary care provider. Our main goal is to get you back to enjoyable and productive life and to help you stay well.

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A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation includes a detailed interview with a psychiatrist targeted on diagnosis, assessment and discussion of the best treatment options. Psychiatrist takes into account your medical and psychiatric history, social factors, lifestyle and other important factors. Upon the results of evaluation, doctor creates a treatment plan customized for your lifestyle and situation.>/p>


Consultations for hospitalized patients.

Treatment Management

Psychiatric medications are very complex. On a regular basis, your psychiatrist will review your progress, order appropriate tests, if necessary, screen for the signs of side effects, and may provide therapy as needed. To assure high quality of care, regular office visits are necessary. If you have not seen your psychiatrist for 90 days or more, an office visit is required to renew or prescribe medication.


Supportive and cognitive behavioral therapy, result and goal oriented.